Cyberpunk: most desirable weapons and kit For Sci-Fi fanatics

When it involves a number of science fiction, what’s essentially the most useful subset when it comes to weaponry? 



a look at the now not-so-far away future?

From Altered Carbon to Johnny Mnemonic, cyberpunk is certainly one of my favourite genres. I’m a large fan! I credit that like to the realistic monitor of futuristic weaponry.

The weapons and kit are much less lasery than different sci-fi flicks. within the cyberpunk world you’ll often see technology-infused lead chunkers. 

As tons as i like star Wars, I’ll always select Deckard’s gun over Han Solo’s blaster. 

Rick Deckard Blade Runner

Rick Deckard, Blade Runner

Cyberpunk paints a dim mild on a future world that’s commonly imposed with a combination of neon lights and grimy cities. That grit and futurism often mix to present weaponry and kit that looks authentic. 

In we’re headed down the route to a cyberpunk world, what guns and equipment would healthy that mold? 

Cyberpunk 1

For the Love Of Cyberpunk 

I’ve discovered 10 weapons and kit that fit the cyberpunk style to a tee. even if you’re looking for something entertaining to add to your assortment or you’re planning for the long run, try our counsel beneath.

1. CTRL TS1 Glasses 

i tried to get my hands on a group of those glasses, but the enterprise looks to have fluctuating stock. no longer to point out, E-tint is producing PPE for the COVID disaster, so it might possibly be challenging to get them right now.

i will’t communicate from very own journey, but the CTRL glasses have that cyberpunk aesthetic. 



The CTRL Glasses utilize a group of tech we usually see within the lenses on welder’s masks. What does this do for the wearer? It gives the glasses the potential to immediately change from shaded to clear with a button’s press.

fast adaption from shiny to dark situations with nothing greater than the press of a button? signal me up!

A fingers-free auto mode also exists however I’d have to verify that out before bindly trusting. It appears promising, though.

Bonus features: the glasses exceed defense force standards for ballistic eyewear. 



that includes an interior rechargeable battery, these specs will failsafe to clear should whatever thing spoil or the battery dies. i am hoping to get my arms on a pair quickly.

(hopefully, earlier than I have to battle evil cyborgs in a city that is each brightly lit through neon, but crammed with darkish and shady corners.)

2. Crimson hint LiNQ 

The LiNQ is a criminally underrated device with lots of potentials. The LiNQ is a wireless laser and light-weight equipment planting its controls into your weapon’s pistol grip. A cozy wireless assortment does away with the need for manual controls, pressure switches, or anything. 


Crimson trace LINQ Laser

The LiNQ gadget became constructed for both AK and AR collection rifles. It contains the control grip amd a 300 lumen gentle with an necessary eco-friendly laser. whereas the easy lacks the vigor I’d desire on a weapon gentle, I nonetheless locate the LiNQ captivating.

putting the vigour of 1-handed weapon gentle controls within the palms of AR and AK fanatics, it ensures you’re able to reside within the battle — despite the fact that your help arm go down.

Crimson Trace LiNQ Grip Guns America

Crimson trace LiNQ Grip (guns america)

On appropriate of that, that you may remain mobile and flexible when taking cowl. There’s no need to attain ahead, probably past cover, to set off your gentle and laser.

finally, i’d like to see this equipment accelerated past the AR and AK structures. I’m looking at you, pump-motion shotguns.

Cyberpunk 2

You may believe this badass.

The Crimson trace LiNQ can be slightly cooler. a bit bootup noise as I press the button on the pistol grip as I enter the darkish server room of a malicious artificial intelligence would be a pleasant contact. 

3. get better Tactical 20/20 

Do you guys accept as true with the game sequence Borderlands as cyberpunk? 


Borderlands, when your gun is additionally a… sword?

If not, then pass forward.

For those like me that do accept as true with it a part of the cyberpunk genre, the recuperate Tactical 20/20 mixed with a Glock looks like some thing appropriate out of Borderlands.

The RT 20/20 is a brace device that makes a undeniable Jane Glock look like a futuristic submachine gun. 

Cyberpunk 2

improve Tactical 20/20

With the soon-to-be-released optic’s mount in area, the RT 20/20 looks even able to tackle any oppressive, put up-apoclayptic future. This polymer brace system is lightweight and presents a folding brace, a lot of rail mounts, and even a holster equipment for handy raise. 

Cyberpunk 4

It’s… certainly a aspect that exists.

The RT 20/20 is an interesting change that no longer handiest alterations how your Glock looks, however also how it handles. It’s pretty effortless to use at a lot of stages.

The recover Tactical 20/20 brace system is also cost effective and modular. When paired with loads of the crazy Glock accessories obtainable, it will possibly appear to be a dystopian company police weapon. 

four. tracking element Mi6 

tracking factor become born too soon. another 30 years and that they’d likely be right at home in a company-owned police state. The flesh is susceptible, the mind is dull, however the tech is our e book to a stronger world. 

Cyberpunk police

Cyberpunk police

Or any other transhumanism propaganda you are looking to shout. 

if you can get at the back of that, then the monitoring factor Mi6 is for you. here is a Stag arms AR-15 built with the monitoring factor optic.

The optic is the mind of the system, allowing the rifle to have interaction with insane, computer-generated precision.

[embedded content]

The Mi6 has several modes that enable for free-fireplace, precision stationary shooting, and precision moving. Precision modes will no longer assist you to shoot except you are maintaining the rifle to correctly make amends for latitude and windage. 

It fills within the gaps, which the human eyes, mind, and fingers fail. 

5. Maxim 9mm 

One draw back that’s been existing in view that day one in the firearms world is that loud and infrequently brutal noise a firearm makes when discharging a circular.

That bang is downright disagreeable. And that’s why we’ve suppressors, children. however suppressors regularly make your firearm lengthy and unwieldy, peculiarly on a handgun. 

SilencerCo Maxim 9mm

SilencerCo Maxim 9mm

The Maxim 9mm from SilencerCo challenges that expectation. This integrally suppressed pistol is admittedly better than most handguns, but it surely’s smaller than a suppressed pistol.

It’s more straightforward to holster and conceal whereas additionally being helpful at dampening a weapon’s record. 

[embedded content]

The Maxim 9 introduces a plenty more exciting and in the end safer capturing event.

In a global the place americans reside on excellent of each and every different in megacities, noise pollution is a legit challenge.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pistol

hi there, that looks normal…

possible uses? Dispatching pollution-mutated super rats with out traumatic the complete block. 

whereas it’s not quiet sufficient to fulfill the wants of James Bond or an murderer, it’s a nice weapon in a loud world. 

6. Meprolight ForeSight 

arguable, we’re already models of cyborgs as a result of consistent entry to the cyber web and variable supercomputers that slot in our pockets.

Why not further wire our transportable brains into weaponry? 

Cyberpunk 6


The Meprolight ForeSight does just that. 

Linking to a cellular device (until you are a weirdo with a home windows phone), it lets you handle the optic via your smartphone. This contains establishing 10 distinctive profiles for distinctive weapons or loads.

looking into the future, where your caseless ammo is available in subsonic and supersonic, dissimilar zeroes makes feel. 

Cyberpunk 5

Meprolight Foresight

Or perhaps you own 10 distinct weapons, but just one optic? If that’s the case, then the Foresight still makes experience.

via your phone, you could zero the optic, swap reticles, and deploy superior alternate options like an onboard shot counter to can help you comprehend when ammo is low. 

Ironman HUD

Like JARVIS, correct in your gun!

looking throughout the optic doesn’t imply you are only taking a look at a reticle. instead, you have got a full heads-up reveal that indicates the reticle, battery lifestyles, sight leveler, compass, and the aforementioned shot counter. 

If the future is versatile, then the Foresight is the longer term. 

7. The nook Shot 

Do tactics true know-how? if so, does pieing a corner beat peaking round it with a digital camera better chassis retaining a handgun? Why damage cowl when you can shoot around it. 

Corner Shot in the field

corner Shot in the box

The nook Shot is a device that holds a handgun…but in a rifle length gadget. To the facet of that device is a video display, and below the gun is a digicam and lightweight.

The digicam gives a live feed to the computer screen and allows the wielder to shoot around corners — all without exposing themselves to fireplace. 

[embedded content]

When avoiding cybernetic drones and canine equipped with thermal vision, equipment like this may be precious. whereas which you can’t keep away from the sniffers, that you can avoid most people, robots, and different things.

Corner Shot Glitch

… otherwise you can do this.

The corner Shot was designed with the aid of an Israeli colonel, and it has seen provider everywhere. best for you and the inevitable and awful future that’s coming at us. 

eight. SIG BDX 

The SIG BDX is sort of a tracking element device however good value, and adaptable to various firearms. The BDX collection is kind of designed for long-latitude taking pictures and is a 3-half gadget.

Sig Sauer BDX Picture 2

Sig Sauer BDX system

the primary is the optic, the 2nd is the range finder, and the third is your cell. mix the three, and you’ll application in your ballistic facts for your chosen load.

Cyberpunk Squirt bottle

F*** round and find out. Scratch the sofa one other time, cat.

(See our full assessment of the BDX equipment right here!)

each the scope and rangefinder will use that data to register pictures and suggest you on correct elevation on your preset load. When aiming, an illuminated dot tells you where the bullet will fall and acts as your aiming reticle. 

Sig Sauer BDX

Sig Sauer BDX

The SIG BDX is the ultimate gadget for future hunters looking via deserted cities for Radhorns or cybernetic deer. superb pictures every and each time! 

next Gen Optic

Shall I say, the BDX is precious for when that Boston Dynamics Dog element remembers getting knocked over and is a number of hundred yards away. 

Cyberpunk doge

He’s coming for ya…

9. Surefire 2211 Watch/light 

Why have a element that does one issue if you can have a aspect that can do two? The Surefire 2211 is a watch that doubles as a flashlight. As a watch, it’s designed to be long lasting, rugged, and deliciously ancient college in its presentation. 

Surefire 2211 Watch/Light

Surefire 2211 Watch/easy

The easy is small, but strong and might fill most commonplace sized rooms with lifesaving illumination. It’s ultimate for navigating the seedy underworld in a neon-lit city. 

providing a 300 lumens with 1,a hundred candelas, don’t expect lengthy-latitude use. For up shut and private work, here is a brilliant and ergonomic easy supply that permits you to preserve your hands open.

It even aligns with taking pictures a handgun should still your weapon easy fail. 

10. KelTec KS7 

The KS7 is the premier Cyberpunk gun. blending a futuristic design with an old school seem to be, this gun is seedy, bulky, but brief and tactical. 

Cyberpunk 1

The KelTec KS7

Do you happen to be a future farmer who wants to hold the kids off their yard while blasting squirrels, deer, and those pesky robotic drones the children all harass you with? Keltec’s received you, fam.

Cyberpunk shotgun

Or baddies in jumpsuits.

The KS7 is barely a hair over 26-inches lengthy and packs seven rounds of 12-gauge. regardless of the vigour, it’s a brief and light option for the cyborg looking to hold issues concealed. 

There’s a announcing obtainable, “Bullpups are the weapon of the longer term, and that they all the time should be.”

may be a dim point of view on bullpups, but when one were to live on, it could be the KS7. 

KS7 cool guy pic

is this a cyberpunk?

Its legitimate pump-action permits loads ranging from birdshot to buckshot. for those who want to spice it up, it can also undertake web rounds designed to take drones out of the sky.


KS7 Downsight view, which is pretty dang futuristic.

Don’t overlook dragon’s breath, electric powered rounds, and anything that you would be able to shove into a shotgun’s hull. 

Dispatch all of the drones, from small flying bugs to drones on treads. The KS7 is a dumpster defender for the next era of cyberpunk commando. 

The Cyberpunk existence

As we method the unencumber of one of the greatest games of the yr, Cyberpunk 2077, I couldn’t assist but lend my advantage to cyberpunk enthusiasts like myself. 

Johnny Silverhand Cyberpunk 2077

I imply, truthfully, who didn’t swoon a bit at this reveal?

The weapons, gear, and know-how of this sci-fi style will proceed to pull me in. maybe, simply perhaps, if we come to be in a neon edition of fact, this checklist will help you overcome the grit and dirt.

What about you? Do you adore cyberpunk? What gun or piece of gear do you believe should be on the record? let us know under. Don’t pass over the ideal bullpup rifles and shotguns, too!