[Kit Setup] Shotgun combat Belt

i love shotguns, and that i love their recoil, their vigour, their shut quarter’s sledgehammer like nature.

they’re lots of enjoyable, and i suggest lots. 

there’s a huge downside, though… carrying further ammo

Shotgun Battle Belt 1

Loading. all the time with the loading.

I’ve committed loads of time to discover just what works for me when it involves carrying additional ammo for the shotgun.

Heck, I’ve performed an entire article on it before! I hold experimenting, and alongside the way, I maintain getting drawn back to belts. 

Carrying Extra Shotgun Ammo

Carrying additional Shotgun Ammo


as a result of they appear to be a effortless means to carry added ammo and might be attainable.

Bandoliers additionally fit the invoice, but the bandoliers accessible aren’t exactly high first-class. They work however go away a great deal to be desired so far as accessibility, speed, and future use. 

One Bandolier Friday

No such factor as casual Fridays within the Wild West!

My universal aim changed into to find an efficient means to carry ammunition and right now reload my shotgun. Shotgun operation requires persistent loading, and protecting the tube topped off is elementary. 

The main focal point turned into on these emergency loading processes and my potential to preserve the gun loaded as I disburse shells.

I searched and searched and couldn’t find a belt that worked for me, so I made one.  

I made it myself gir

yes, sure. Very good, expensive.

neatly, k… I didn’t make it, however I assembled one because it turns out i will be able to’t sew to store my existence. 

My Shotgun battle Belt is fairly primary and crafted from the materials and pieces I desire and require. So we determined to do a little breakdown of my Shotgun combat Belt and spot in case you get impressed to create your own! 

Lots of guns drop leg holster

no longer that we don’t have confidence your ideas, but when considered one of you sends us this…

desk of Contents


The wreck Down

internal Belt: Blackhawk better military Belt 2.25 Inch

as far as belts go, there are plenty of options out there. I mandatory one which could universally fit the particular pieces I mandatory with out bending or bowing. That leads me to the traditional defense force belt, which leads me to the extra modernized version from Blackhawk

Shotgun Battle Belt 5

Shotgun Battle Belt 5

The completed rig

This belt is gigantic, and big is ok with me. gigantic capacity sturdy and robust, and this belt definitely is both of these. The belt is adjustable, and it shrinks and grows simply. much easier than a kind of older defense force internet belts. 

As an internal belt, it offered the measurement and aid I necessary for heavy-responsibility shotgun shells. Shotgun ammo is bulky and heavy, so optimum guide is needed to run so lots weight securely. 

Outer Belt: Blackhawk Belt Pad with IVS

After I grabbed the Blackhawk Belt, I necessary a belt pad that might work with each the belt and the ammo. That intended I necessary a quite large combat belt. The outer belt here is additionally from Blackhawk and is the Blackhawk Belt Pad with IVS

Shotgun Battle Belt 9

The lower back side of the padded outer belt. So. comfortable.

This large extensive belt offers a ton of guide for the Blackhawk net belt and is tall satisfactory to separate me from the shotgun shells sticking upwards. This wide belt additionally ensures the package is available and no benign inwards against me. It pushes every thing outwards and allows you to quite simply entry the ammo. 

This belt offers loads of padding and comfort to the body. It separates me well from the ammo and ensures every little thing is somewhat comfy. The belt additionally barely moves once I stream, so my ammo stays the place I want it and the place i want it. 

Safariland Shotgun Shell Holders (loads of them) 

I’ve introduced these two shotshell holders up numerous times now, and that i adore them. They work; they characteristic extraordinarily neatly and are super within your means. They also deliver you entry to one or two rounds at a time and bend outwards far from the shooter for quicker entry. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 6

I did say lots of them, correct?

These shell holders do allow for a “shoot two, load two” mentality. They additionally deliver a comfy means to lift ammo. The retention is accurate-notch, however satisfactory shell sticks outward to make grabbing them and extracting them effortless. 

These molded polymer designs are very well made and durable. unlike inexpensive elastic, they won’t put on out and lose their retention capabilities. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 7

Two slugs… just in case.

I maintain eight on this fight belt and may just add two greater soon. They healthy 2.25-inch belts, and this allowed them to be very relaxed once attached to the Blackhawk stronger belt. Even when they’re pressed into each other, the shells present a lot of room between each different for short and straightforward entry. 

additionally, they charge like eight bucks and are smartly price the cost. 

Esstac Shotgun cards 

I’m coming round to replacing all of my aspect saddles with Esstac Shotgun cards. These essential devices act as instantly replaceable facet saddles with a view to work with practically any shotgun. think about emptying your facet saddle and being capable of instantly change it. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 3

Esstac, able to go!

If that appeals to you, then the Esstac Shotgun cards are for you. they arrive built with the hook component of hook and loop cloth and are made from armed forces-grade elastic. You vicinity a piece of business-grade Velcro loop onto your shotgun and growth–you are able to run. 

Esstac’s Shotgun Cards

Esstac’s Shotgun cards

I maintain one shotgun card on my shotgun and two concealed in journal pouches on the belt. The design of the Esstac shotgun playing cards makes it possible for them to be conveniently kept in an AR-15-trend journal pouch. they’re built with a large loop for effortless drawing and straightforward removing from a shotgun. 

What i love about these playing cards is that they’re made to last and are totally long lasting. These shotgun cards are available various sizes and configurations, but I preserve to the compact 4 rounders. This keeps issues lighter and extra balanced when it involves tossing it on a shotgun. 

Blue drive apparatus M4 Belt Pouches 

As i mentioned earlier than, Esstac shotgun playing cards fit into M4 style magazine pouches. To hold things essential, I tossed on two Blue drive apparatus belt journal pouches. These use the famed Blue force apparatus elastic that offers all of the retention you want devoid of the presence of a desirable flap or bungee wire. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 4

Esstac cards in the BFG magazine pouches

The elastic retention is fairly long lasting and lasts almost perpetually. as soon as it grips some thing, it hangs onto it without problem and does an attractive job at gripping magazines–or in my case–Esstac shotgun cards. Orient the cards with the loop pointing upwards for a brief draw, and also you are kosher. 

The size is superb for these playing cards, and that they stick out just perfectly. With a swift grip and a tug, they may also be put into action and connected to the side of your gun. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 8

It’s no longer even too cumbersome to wear conveniently!

Esstac shotgun playing cards and Blue drive gear Belt magazine pouches go collectively like peanut butter and jelly. Like macaroni and cheese. Like frosting and cupcakes. Like apple pie and vanilla ice cr–ok, probably it’s time for lunch.

Safariland Shotgun 2 Shell Holder

Safariland Shotgun 2 Shell Holder

in any case, these belt pouches additionally go perfectly with my internal belt. The bottom of the inner belt is geared up with velcro, and the journal pouches have Velcro-compatible attachment facets that allow for a comfy attachment to the belt. This gives it a double up on staying connected to the belt. 

layout and Breakdown 

What respectable is a rig in case you don’t comprehend if it’ll work? I experimented with each reside and dry hearth to examine and refine my layout. 

We’ve all been there, boo.

Over time I moved issues round and experimented with how constructing shot labored and inserting the whole issue collectively. 

I put on the belt backward to maximise my space to cling shells and to make the belt feature greater like a bandolier. The entrance portion is coated by way of the Safariland two round shell holders. This offers me instant entry to ammo and permits for quick reloading. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 2

Shotgun Battle Belt 2

greater booms on your buck!

The Esstac cards are positioned to the a long way right of the equipment. They aren’t essentially the most purchasable part of the equipment but are positioned there for a purpose. Reloading the side saddle is greater of a slow process that wouldn’t be executed within the core of a combat. 

It’s a slow movement it truly is extra direct and finished when a lull is existing. Having them off to the correct of the equipment makes it possible for me to have more space for extra Safariland two shell pouches. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 5

Shotgun Battle Belt 5

The slugs are on the appropriate during this image.

talking of those, I run from right to left, with the remaining being roughly below my armpit. The shells closest to my left-hand facet are slugs and placed right here, so i do know they’re slugs and be aware of where to attain when i would like them.

The layout may change sooner or later, but for now, I’m chuffed with how it turned out and located it practical. 

5.11 Shotgun holder

a different rig I’ve tried.

For the Shotgunners 

Like every little thing, practising is only as important as the gear itself, and discovering to make use of this setup has been important in making it a hit. it really works for my needs and my shotgun strategies. 

Shotgun Battle Belt 2

Shotgun Battle Belt 2

able to rock and roll!

The belt is decently most economical too. every part is smartly priced and is nothing loopy. Altogether, the charge adds up, but every half is a fantastic piece of gear that is neatly value the expense tag. for the reason that it’s made from a few small parts, it will also be constructed a piece at a time with out a tremendous initial investment. 

broke meme

We be aware of, we feel ya.

The Shotgun fight Belt is for probably the most committed of shotgunners and offers those gunners with a straightforward capacity to reload on the fly, to carry additional ammunition, and to generally keep up with goal-built rifle gear. 

that you could try and keep up as plenty as viable, but like a fats kid in a 5k, it’s no longer at all times easy. 

What say you? Do you love my belt? Have any counsel on a way to increase it? I’m all ears and always attracted to bettering my apparatus–depart a remark below! drawn to the world of shotguns? start with the most fulfilling Shotguns for domestic protection!