[Review] Concealment express Holsters: IWB, OWB, & Tuckable

looking for an easy kydex holster that conceals well and is fairly comfy?

Concealment express could be the key.

Assorted Concealment Express Holsters

different Concealment specific Holsters

they are budget friendly, tremendous light, and get the job performed with a whole lot of attachment alternate options.

I’ll cowl how they conceal and ease of draw across all their offerings with a couple of my favourite handguns.

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who is It For?

Concealment express sent me a pair kydex holsters to me for my unbiased evaluation…greater than 2 years in the past.

Concealment Express Holsters with G19 and G26

Concealment express Holsters with G19 and G26 (ancient versions)

They were new to the scene and made first rate stuff…despite the fact that at the moment they didn’t cover their magazine releases.

Now speedy forward and that i’m testing their up-to-date fashions. That sure…do cowl mag releases!

All Concealment Express Holster Attachment Styles

All Concealment Express Holster Attachment Styles

All Concealment express Holster Attachment styles

they are still my #1 advice for a newbie inner waistband (IWB) elevate holster that doesn’t destroy the financial institution.

gets It done (IWB)

Plus they’ve stellar experiences on Amazon.

They principally shine in appendix internal waistband (AIWB) raise since the kydex is skinny and the entire holster weighs lower than 3 ozfor the G19 version.

Concealment Express G19 AIWB Exposed

Concealment Express G19 AIWB Exposed

Concealment categorical G19 AIWB exposed

What I’m donning

on the grounds that a person always finally ends up asking:

standard IWB Holster

Nothing to look here!

Concealment Express G19 AIWB Hidden

Concealment specific G19 AIWB Hidden

The G19 is now regarded exceedingly big for hid lift (see all my favourite CCW guns) however you can’t tell with the usual IWB holster in appendix elevate place.

Concealment Express G19 AIWB Exposed

Concealment Express G19 AIWB Exposed

Concealment categorical G19 AIWB uncovered

Even carrying the fullsize G17 is good enough.

Concealment Express G17, G26, G19 (L to R)

Concealment express G17, G26, G19 (L to R)

I’m keen on AIWB because it’s more convenient to draw and more comfy than with it at four o’clock for me.

The cut of the kydex allows me to get a respectable high grip during my draw.  The ordinary belt clip is helpful and i never ended up by accident pulling the whole holster out.

consolation is relatively respectable (even sitting) considering that there’s just a bit kydex sticking up above the slide and the grip is small satisfactory that it doesn’t dig into my belly.

And although it likely doesn’t be counted for the precise world…but for courses or practice it’s easy to re-holster. be aware to take your time and be protected!

A excellent upgrade for AIWB elevate is the addition of their “claw” equipment.

Concealment Express Claw Kit Installed

Concealment specific Claw kit put in

It well-nigh pushes your holster/gun closer to your body from the grip side…lowering your talents printing.

Concealment Express Claw In Use

Concealment categorical Claw In Use

Concealment Express Tuckable AIWB with Claw

Concealment express Tuckable AIWB with Claw

It under no circumstances become an issue for me with their holsters…however I wear fairly loose t-shirts.

Concealment Express IWB G19, Claw Hidden

Concealment express IWB G19, Claw Hidden

in case you’re wearing tighter becoming issues or using their tuckable holster (coming up)…i would suggest it!

receives It carried out (IWB)

Now how in regards to the four o’clock place?

Concealment Express IWB 4 O'Clock Hidden

Concealment specific IWB four O’Clock Hidden

It hides neatly and still gives an excellent draw.

Concealment Express IWB 4 O'Clock Exposed

Concealment specific IWB 4 O’Clock uncovered

consolation may well be stronger on the grounds that within the end it’s still a tough piece of plastic for your returned. For four o’clock stuff i admire hybrid holsters greater.

Tuckable Holster

a brand new offering is the “tuckable” holster.

Concealment Express Tuckable G19 Hidden

Concealment specific Tuckable G19 Hidden

It’s a thinner belt attachment from the front.

Concealment Express Tuckable (L) vs Regular IWB (R)

Concealment specific Tuckable (L) vs normal IWB (R)

And allows a small channel to tuck for your shirt over the holster.

Concealment Express Tuckable Holster

Concealment express Tuckable Holster

observe that if your shirt is in fact lengthy it’ll nonetheless work but there might be some bunching of fabric about 2 inches underneath.

however for people who wish to carry and have to tuck in a shirt…the tuckable holster is a fine looking first rate answer!

also notice that your gun will sit a tiny bit lower in comparison to the regular holster…maybe half an inch.

Concealment Express Tuckable G19

Concealment express Tuckable G19

OWB Holster

a new foray for Concealment specific are their OWB (outdoor the waistband) holster choices.

First up is their paddle holster.

Concealment Express Paddle OWB

Concealment specific Paddle OWB

handy to put on and take off in case you have a correct belt (check out my best gun belt suggestions).

Concealment Express OWB G17 w TLR-1

Concealment express OWB G17 w TLR-1

and likely what you desire in case you don’t care about concealing…similar to for competitions, latitude use, or responsibility.

You get a full fight grip and there’s also lots of mild options for essentially the most standard guns.

Concealment Express OWB Grip

Concealment specific OWB Grip

in case you don’t have a torch for your pistol…take a look at my ideal Handgun Lights article.

Pistol Lights, Front Facing

Pistol Lights, front dealing with

good enough…lower back to the holster! right here it is in action…

convenient to draw with adjustable tension. And first rate adequate for drills where you’ll draw and holster a bunch.

My handiest criticism would that with a 1.5″ belt there’s some slack in the paddle hooks.

here it’s pulled “high.”

Concealment Express OWB Paddle, High

Concealment specific OWB Paddle, excessive

and how it looks after some movement or when you push it down.

Concealment Express OWB Paddle, Low

Concealment specific OWB Paddle, Low

that you would be able to see it cants the gun a little forward. no longer a huge deal after I’m at the latitude or competitions (I’ll circulation it into the “excessive” place).

besides the fact that children I in no way feel it moving when walking and it doesn’t negatively affect my draw even with down…nor has the holster come out with a draw.

a different OWB option is the belt loop mannequin.

Concealment Express Belt Loop Holsters

Concealment specific Belt Loop Holsters

a sensible choice if you desire it more securely connected to your belt or when you’ve got a dedicated internal/outer belt setup to throw on.

Concealment Express OWB Belt Loop G19

Concealment categorical OWB Belt Loop G19

magazine Holsters

no longer a good deal to claim here apart from that their mag holsters work for double-stack and single stack of the entire mags I had accessible to check.

Concealment Express Mag Holders

Concealment express mag Holders


Concealment specific kydex holsters are a fine entry in fundamental yet positive AIWB options.  The ordinary belt clips work, cant is adjustable, appendix lift is relaxed, and the price is right. Plus now they have tuckable and OWB options.

All Concealment Express Holster Attachment Styles

All Concealment Express Holster Attachment Styles

All Concealment categorical Holster Attachment patterns

and of course…they conceal smartly and the offer you an outstanding excessive draw.

receives It accomplished (IWB)

have you had event with Concealment categorical?  tell us in the comments!  And in case you’re attempting to find different options, take a look at our top-quality concealed raise Holsters article.