[Review+Video] Daniel protection DDM4 V7: price It?

You’ve probably heard that Daniel defense commonly places out proper-shelf rifles and add-ons. 

whereas business accolades and name cognizance are magnificent, it doesn’t imply that more moderen generations dangle up to the equal hype.

So the obvious question is, do modern Daniel protection ARs stack up towards older versions?

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

Daniel protection DDM4 V7

neatly, I’ve bought the enterprise’s flagship DDM4 V7 rifle in hand to investigate if it’s value that Gucci stage sticker rate.

For the comprehensive video review — take a look below!

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Stats and Specs

The DDM4 V7 comes chambered in 5.5.6 NATO. making a choice on a 16-inch bloodless hammer-solid barrel, it comes with 1/2×28 threading.

In total, the rifle weighs in at simply over 6-kilos.

outfitted with our favorite mid-length gasoline system, the V7 spices up the traditional AR build with a number of extras. Add-ons encompass an more suitable flash suppressor, angled pistol grip, and Grip-N-Rip Charging deal with.

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Forend

equipped with M-LOK and an okay-ish muzzle brake.

At its core, the V7 goals its points of interest squarely on desirable tier consumers who desire greater than just a run-of-the-mill AR. (And the dollar expenses to throw at a firstclass build.)

Dolla Bills

start saving now.

Barrels, Receivers, and Ambi points, Oh My!

This barrel comes topped with a 15-inch M-LOK MFR handguard. Carrying a full array of M-LOK slots, there’s numerous room for add-ons. 

not to point out, there’s a Picatinny rail up accurate for optics. The gun got here with a set set of DD iron attractions. They’re now not foldable, but they don’t get in the means even with an optic installed 

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Picatinny Rail

The rail has lots of room for both iron sights and a crimson dot.

The handguard brings along two separate QD sling mounts–a typical place sitting ahead of the receiver and the other angled larger. These places address the ever-present problem of support hand entanglement. 

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Picatinny

Peep that QD mount.

The barrel sports a DD more desirable flash suppressor. I opt for my muzzle brakes a tad more aggressive than what’s provided right here. 

That spoke of, flash discount is fairly major. I took the V7 out on a contemporary night shoot, and it did smartly.

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Night Shoot

working on some night moves.

You’re in common territory, as a minimum where the receiver is involved. I enjoyed the ambidextrous fireplace selector, which comes stock. The selector has a fine, tactile click. 

regarding ambi aspects, the V7 also gives an ambi charging address up precise. The charging tackle points…uh, grippy fin things (unofficial terminology). 

Finding Nemo Fin

Grippy fins make certain you’re in a position to get an outstanding grip and can charge the bolt, no count number the attitude.

Extras and Perks

The magazine well is outfitted with a little beveling on the interior. This creates a more dramatic funnel inwards in opposition t the chamber.

What does that mean for the shooter? A helping hand that publications reloads, making things flow a little sooner. 

speaking of magazines, DD mags are built to grasp 32 rounds in its place of the regular 30. added capability potential that you just’re free to ditch a few rounds if you’re concerned about spring anxiety on wholly stuffed magazines. 

Mags also include a pre-installed polymer bumper ridge. Why is that, you ask? neatly, it acts as a built-in mag pull. As much of a fab feature because it is, I didn’t discover myself using it regularly. 

an additional departure from “average” ARs you’ll find on the V7 is the pistol grip’s shallow perspective. Admittedly, this one’s a little bizarre

Bit Odd

I imply, I’m no longer judging…well, kinda.

In conception, I’m a fan; but it’s lackluster in observe. while the method tries to find an “ergonomic” attitude that reduces wrist strain, the opposite is true.

After longer session with the V7, my wrists felt agitated. It’s now not excruciating, but it surely’s major.

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Grip Angle

That grip perspective is a bit harsh on these ol’ wrists.

For close-quarters shooting, consolation may well be more desirable. With the gun tucked nearer to the body and the inventory shortened, the attitude looks more constructive. I don’t do lots of close-quarters work, although.

eventually, the V7 facets a Daniel defense inventory complete with a huge, nonslip floor. It’s adjustable for size of pull and provides a developed-in QD sling slot on either facet.

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Stock

I dug the QD slot on both aspect of the inventory.

range record

Out on the range, we put close to 1,000 rounds through the DDM4 V7. first rate news, it didn’t explode or the rest.

basically, we had zero issues.

The rifle feeds, ejects, and goes bang for those who pull the trigger– all decent signs. 

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Desert Shooting

desert capturing? yes, please.

a bit added drive was obligatory when seating STANAG vogue mags, but actually, who runs STANAG anyway? PMAGS are ample!

We posted up with the V7 at a hundred yards to check out grouping.

Lighter-grained Wolf Gold, PMC, and American Eagle masses were mediocre. no longer a shock, though, as these were all fifty five-grain rounds. The V7’s 1:7 twist cost means that it’s going to prefer something a bit of heavier. 

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 66-grain ammo target

That sixty nine-grain ammo and Hyperfire trigger do the trick.

Bumping as much as 69-grain Federal Gold Medal, the grouping tightened significantly. Our last community came in barely beneath 1 MOA, but we additionally introduced a Faxon single-stage Hyperfire trigger for that run. 

The inventory set off is…okayish. I’m no longer entirely a tremendous fan of the bizarre pseudo-two-stage element occurring with the rifle’s trigger. Is it a dealbreaker? now not really. 

There’s a really small quantity of take-up appropriate up entrance, adopted by way of a heavy spoil. All of this works out nice should you’re pinging short and mid-range targets. issues get obnoxious if you’re trying to take correct pictures for businesses and such, notwithstanding. 

Daniel Defense DDM47 Trigger

now not the foremost, however no longer the worst.

The reset is an evident thunk

Minor gripes apart, the set off did what was anticipated of it, with a bang each and every time. 

Murder She Wrote Bang

California Compliant?

Daniel protection set this selected rifle as much as be California compliant. while this prominently featured on their web site, most Daniel defense buyers present compliant models. here is accomplished with the aid of locking the journal.

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Fixed Mag

That little steel part makes this version Cali compliant.

The V7 presents a super clear design. compared to other California criticism AR-15s in the marketplace, this one continues all the required bits on the inside. at least one will be aware of to giggle at you outright for not dwelling in a free state.

i love a clear vibe.

at the conclusion of the day, it’s satisfactory to see a huge brand goal California gun homeowners.

by the Numbers

Reliability: 5/5

The DDM4 V7 ran well with zero concerns. in short, it runs and runs neatly. 

Ergonomics: four/5

The angled pistol grip proved frustrating. whether that’s because I’ve developed carpal tunnel from video video game playing or since the attitude is somewhat too a lot is anyone’s bet. 

Accuracy: 4/5

The V7 favourite heavier masses, with more suitable consequences on paper with 69-grain Federal ammo. 

Customization: 4/5

Threaded barrel, M-LOK, and a rail up proper — it’s acquired a great deal to offer. 

value: 4/5

You’re going to deserve to escape the big bucks for this dangerous boy. Sitting at $1,729 MSRP, this ain’t the thrift keep AR 

normal: 4.5/5

I completely loved shooting the V7. It runs reliably and has sufficient points to retain you involved. just be careful for that expense tag. 


Daniel protection offers a reliable, accurate AR-15 in the DDM4 V7 with adequate extras to maintain 5.56 enthusiasts interested. even though the pistol grip’s ergonomics are below greatest, this rifle greater than makes up for that with QD mounts, a threaded barrel, and an greater muzzle brake.

Is the a little steep fee tag on the Daniel defense DDM4 V7 justified?

That doubtless comes right down to the place you’re at as a shooter and the place you stand on disposable revenue. 

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Profile

She bound is fancy…

in case you acquired spare money to drop on a the most effective rifle so one can gobble up rounds, the DDM4 V7 has our seal of approval. It’s a very solid, excessive-performing AR-15. 

We only have 1,000 rounds or so through this rifle, but the indisputable fact that our older DD is still kicking after a decade is a testament to this company’s toughness. 

in case you suppose like ballin’ out, deal with yo’ self with the Daniel defense DDM4 V7.

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